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Tolerances +/- 0.0002" with surface finish to 20 micro inches RMS. Among parts produced include: eyelets, ferrules, shells, medical components, writing instruments, sleeves, hoods, shrouds, probes & special connector parts. Straight & stepped crimp ferrules for coaxial cables, stainless steel hoods, sleeves for electrical connectors. Base pins for electrical & electronic connectors plus pneumatic & hydraulic tube supports.

Carby is unique in its service in that it can supply both precision miniature and deep drawn parts in most metals; conventional, premium and alloys -- plated or un-plated to maximum lengths of 3.125". Diameters down to 0.015". Wall thickness down to 0.0020". Length to diameter ratios greater than 30:1 are attainable. Flaring, hole punching, slotting and other configurations are performed without material waste and special handling... A MAJOR COST CONTAINMENT FACTOR.