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Precision Deep Drawn Metal Components

Tolerances +/- 0.0002" with a surface finish to 20 micro inches RMS.


Parts produced include eyelets, ferrules, shells, medical components, writing instruments, sleeves, hoods, shrouds, probes, and special connector parts, straight and stepped crimp ferrules for coaxial cables, stainless steel hoods, sleeves for electrical connectors, base pins for electrical and electronic connectors plus pneumatic and hydraulic tube supports.

Carby- Medical Still Life4576-Edit.jpg
Carby- Probes Still Life4521.jpg

Carby is unique in its service in that it can supply both precision miniature and deep-drawn parts in most metals; conventional, premium and alloys -- plated or un-plated to maximum lengths of 3.125". Diameters down to 0.015". Wall thickness down to 0.0020". Length to diameter ratios greater than 30:1 are attainable. Flaring, hole punching, slotting, and other configurations are performed without material waste and special handling, which is a significant cost containment factor for our customers.

Carby Hoods and Shrouds Still Life-4539-Edit.jpg
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