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Engineering and Design

Based on 70 years of experience in the deep draw process, Carby offers both engineering and design assistance to all clients. 

We prioritize the most functional, cost-effective options for our customers. This process begins with client review and approval of all dimensional aspects and features of the proposed component.

Machine 1.png

Proposal drawings are then rendered using the company's state-of-the-art CAD system, allowing customers to view all parameters of the build process.  More specifically, our engineering staff determines the material specifications and the sequence of operations.


We also design and detail the assemblies and tooling component parts for this process.  All information is thoroughly reviewed prior to tool construction. 


Alongside our new designs, we offer innovative product re-designs of component parts currently produced from other processes such as machining, tubing, and screw machining.  

Our CAD system is also used to design the tooling that we utilize in our deep draw transfer presses.

Client privacy and security are important to us, therefore all electronic documentation (including our engineering records) is archived and backed up on an off-site server.

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